Ty Howard, Renowned Motivational Speaker, Best-Selling Author, America's Untie the Knots® Consultant, and Business Development Coach

Ty Howard, Motivational Keynote Speaker

How to Become A Successful, Paid Professional Motivational Speaker

A Practical & Easy-To-Follow Guide And Workbook To Help You Start Quickly And Get Successful Results.

Learn how YOU TOO can become a successful paid motivational speaker!

In this comprehensive guide and workbook you will learn an easy-to-follow step-by-step process on how to research, plan, setup, start and sustain your very own successful paid motivational speaking business.

This guide and workbook IS NOT filled with a bunch of theory and long-winded fluff pages just to keep you reading—it's packed with practical nuts-and-bults and easy-to-follow techinques, ideas, principles, strategies, how-to lists, personal exercises, sample marketing pieces... and much more!

Chapters Include:

Table of Contents:
  • Overview of the Motivational Speaking Industry
  • What It Takes For You to Get Started Successfully
  • Assessing Your Background & Experiences
  • Packaging Your Expertise
  • Figuring Out What to Speak On
  • Creating A Quality Motivational Speeches
  • Setting Up Your Website
  • Fees & Fees Schedules
  • Product Development & Pricing
  • Sample Contracts & Invoices
  • Setting Up Your Business Office
  • Administrative Office Forms & Needs
  • Marketing & Promoting Your Business
  • Myths & Lies About the Motivational Speaking Business
  • Seminars & Training for Continued Learning & Development

Over 100 pages of MUST Have information; including office forms and contract samples!

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Who Is Ty Howard?!

I'm Ty Howard, fulltime paid professional motivational speaker, and speakers bureau owner and operator. I've been a very successful professional motivational speaker for over 21 years. I've presented an average of 100 paid motivational presentations a year for each of those years.

For the first four years, I worked the youth and young adult market. This market put me on a nationwide circuit... in and out of middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities. I am now one of the TOP motivational speakers in the nation; speaking to associations, corporations, government agencies, colleges and youth.

If that doesn't speak volumes for my very successful track record, this will—I am also the founder, Chairman and CEO of The Baltimore Worldwide Speakers Bureau , based in Baltimore, Maryland. Which means, not only does my successful staff recommend and book me as a highly sought after paid professional motivational speaker... my staff team of 4, recommends and books 100 other quality professional speakers, trainers, authors, celebrities, business leaders and facilitators... daily, worldwide.

My guide / workbook will help you to achieve similar results. It will put you and your motivational speaking business on track to becoming a very successful motivational speaker in the paid professional speaking industry. Invest in my guide and workbook today—and you WILL be glad you did!

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Best Wishes & Much Success,
Ty Howard,
Chairman and CEO

The Baltimore Worldwide Speakers Bureau


Dynamic International Motivational Keynote Speaker


Ty Howard & InspiraGen Institute, LLC

6400 Baltimore National Pike
Suite 134
Baltimore, Maryland 21228
Phone: (443) 982-7582

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